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Never Miss Reminding Your Customers Again!

Email automation allows you to send out custom messages on designated dates & targeting specific requirements which will build personalized relationships with past, current and future customers.

Email automation may seem a little daunting for those just getting started, but with maintenance sched, you will have all your reminder emails set up & scheduled in next to no-time making you wish you had started years ago.

Some of the benefits of maintenance sched automated marketing emails:

  • Increasing sales.: Unlike manual emails, our automated emails can be tailored to a variety of needs & services, making the the system highly scalable & versatile.
  • Timing is everything.: Unlike regular mass mailing, our automated emails are sent at just the right moment for each customer, delivering higher open rates and generating more conversions.
  • Reduced work.: Уou no doubt understand what the word automated means here. Once set up, your emails are sent out automatically, therefore no action is required from the business owner directly. You can simply sit back and let the system do the work.
  • More cost-effective.: Holding on to an existing customer is always cheaper than acquiring a new one. All you have to pay is the monthly subscription cost of your chosen maintenance sched plan.

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