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Automate your Repeat Reminder Emails & Never Miss Reminding Your Customers Again


Do you struggle to keep up with reminding your customers about repeat business?

Maybe it is costing you too much time at the end of a busy day or maybe its a drain on your admin staff when they could be doing better things.

Maintenance Sched is an automated system that has been specifically developed & designed with small to medium businesses in mind. Helping you stay ahead & keep up to date with reminding your clients that they are due for any type of event.

It could be that you:
  • Service Vehicles or Machinery
  • Maintain any variety of products that you or others sell from Air Conditing to Washing Machines to Bicycles
  • Offer a repeat business from Hair Dressing to Website Hosting
  • Provide products or services that will require periodic upgrades or updates such as Computer Equipment or Software
Basically anything at all where you want to remind your customers its time for their next appointment with your business.

Here on Maintenance Sched you can:
  • Create up to 18 scheduled reminder events for the varying needs & requirments of your business
  • Set up a custom email for each scheduled event & send out to your clients to remind them about the repeat business that you offer
  • Schedule these events to occur up to 6 times per year for up to 6 years
  • Send out 1 or 2 reminder emails per scheduled event up to 4 weeks in advance
  • Add up to 1000 customers to send out email reminders to
  • Within each customer profile select the relevant email reminders to send out to them for their chosen products or services
Sign Up & then get running in three simple steps:
  1. Create your schedules with custom reminder emails
  2. Add Your Customers
  3. Add products to your customers & assign the relevant reminder schedule

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